NitePR and mods for 6.35 PRO

Seeing as how a large number of people are unable to get TempAR working *cough*likely can’t read*cough*. I have patched NitePR (by SANiK), CoderPR (by Murderface), MKULTRA (by RedHate) and DarkFrost (by demon450) to run on 6.35 PRO. Please note that you will have to rename seplugins to plugins and change the entry in game.txt to load the plugin.

I have also uploaded a small fix for TempAR to allow game guides to work on 6.3X. The update also possibly makes it compatible with PSX-PSN games on 6.3X (untested as I have no PSX-PSN games). Remember that it is recommended to use tempar_lite.prx in games on 6.3X to help prevent crashing. Download from here.


21 Responses to NitePR and mods for 6.35 PRO

  1. haro says:

    big thank for realese,alot remap.txt…you had so hard works…

    • raing3 says:

      The map wasn’t supposed to be in there so I re-uploaded MKULTRA without it :(. Feel free to keep using it for you NitePR mod though.

      I also corrected the DarkFrost link.

  2. shaw says:

    pls, when i put the pspar_codes1.bin onto the pspar.exe, it just start the program but it doesn’t create anything, no database nothing. can u help me somehow or just give me some link to download the already made database??

    • shaw says:

      oohhh i have it, thx there was something wrong with the program

  3. dante999 says:

    hi~ good work thanks
    i have a question… about UMD dumper
    this is not working on EBOOT game from PS Store
    game run -> tempar -> umd dumper
    but text is “UMD dumper ( not supported )”
    it’s normal?

    • raing3 says:

      That is normal, the UMD dumper doesn’t work on 6.3X at the moment, only 6.20 and normal CFW.

  4. haro says:

    i think you dont need to change all path “seplugins” to “plugins”.635PRO says “game.txt” should be located at “ms0:/plugins/game.txt”…plugins code/prx path dont affect(works,ms0:/seplugins/nitePR/[gameid].txt)
    tempar also works,simply game.txt(decription”ms0:/seplugins/TempAR/tempar.prx 1”) moved from “ms0:/seplugins/game.txt” to “ms0:/plugins/game.txt”.

    • raing3 says:

      Yeah. I realized that but I figured it would be better to just use the plugins folder so that the plugins are in the same directory as game.txt, vsh.txt, etc.

      The 6.3X mods I posted were hardcoded to use ms0:/seplugins/… for loading/saving files but I changed it to ms0:/plugins/… with a hex editor. Anyone can change it back without too much of a problem though.

  5. haro says:

    lastest isotool support to make xmbicon.but sadly tempar’s invaid gameid,you need hadrcode again like prometeus/openisoloader….xmbicom EBOOT mdhash HB%8X…

    • raing3 says:

      Thanks for the bug report. I don’t really like hardcoding stuff like that so I sent an email to takka. I’m hoping he will patch the Game ID into the SFO of the generated EBOOTs so that I won’t have to change anything.

  6. McNuggetz says:

    Ok Its Not Working How Do I Use These Just Like TempAr Or Different Cause Nothing Happened For Me

  7. i says:

    thnx guys but how do you put codes on it??

  8. smsfskf says:

    thnx i just downloaded it and im getting the cheat menu any one mind telling me how i can add codes?

  9. Sharon says:

    i’m using a PSP Go running 6.35 PRO but I cant launch it in game but I can launch the cheat menu in vsh. any suggestion? by the way thanks for this plugin!

  10. BeginHope says:

    Thank You raing3 im so thank you now i can kick out hackers from R.R. :D, im a hacker anti-hackers ;D

  11. BeginHope says:

    Raing there’s a problem coderPR freezes when i activate the codes and nitePR doesnt show me the codes.

  12. McNuggetz says:

    use mkultra but u gotta put it in a wierd format but im hacking socom ftb1 with mkultra with 6.35 Pro 3001 AWSOME

  13. BeginHope says:

    mkultra is samething as tempAR i hate convert codes, please i need help

  14. McNuggetz says:

    Use Dark Frost Dude They All Worked For Me Only Mkultra Showed Me The Codes Though

  15. BeginHope says:

    Nope, DarkFrost didnt work, could you upload your plugins file please, and your configuration on system settings, im pretty confused :S

  16. McNuggetz says:

    ok dude lemmi find it what kind of codes u want in em il put some in for u

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