Enterprise 2.0: Web 2 in the Workplace

There is an ever-growing amount of web 2.0 tools available with more and more popping up and gaining popularity every week and most businesses are failing to embrace this technology boom and go to the trouble of installing software to deny users access to these technologies at the workplace.

The reason for this is because most people are under the delusion that these tools are not the least bit useful and are simply time wasters inside of an organization. This is not surprising as people primarily associate sites like Facebook, browsing random YouTube videos and forums with the web 2.0 concepts. They fail to look past this and consider how useful tools like forums and wikis can be inside of the workplace for communication between employees and announcements from higher ups. Other sites like Twitter and YouTube are great freely available marketing assets for getting your brand known as those sites have a large and diverse user base.

Businesses who have embraced social networking services:

Codejunkies: Also known as Datel this company is well known for providing cheat devices and other hardware accessories for a variety of gaming consoles and handhelds. As most gaming companies frown upon cheating Codejunkies rely on locating exploits in the devices which allow them to execute their own software. Due to the gray area in regards to legality their products are hard to find in retail stores and as such a large portion of their sales is from online customers.

Therefore online presence is of upmost importance to them in maximizing sales. Google was able to tell me that company utilizes Twitter for sharing links to new products and providing basic support as well YouTube to demonstrate hands-on usage of the products.

Codejunkies usage of these services is an example of the “acting global” principle as they are being used to assist in increasing the bottom line of the company.

EA Mobile: EA Mobile is a development studio owned by Electronic Arts. Their focus area (as the name suggests) is game development on mobile platforms. This includes phones, the Apple iDevices, Pocket PC, PSP as well as other systems. I was able to find this company using Facebook and Twitter for advertising their products. They are also really clever (and must have money to burn) as they regularly have giveaways of hardware and software as well as discounts. EA Mobile is a great example of how utilizing the social networking services can reel in customers. They have 16 thousand followers on twitter and 40 thousand people like them on Facebook which have likely had a huge impact on their profits.

EA Mobile is another example of the “acting global” principle and use giveaways and discounts to attract customers.


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